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Bio - Heather Bravine-Natterstad

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The short and ADD- friendly version :)


I love photography, lines, angles, excellence, creativity, people, culture, humor and have 10+ years experience. 

Photography + Excellence + Experience + Understanding + Creativity + Relationship + Comedy

What you get is not just a passionate photographer, but one with experience.  One who appreciates the importance of technical excellence, as well as values hearing and understanding what YOU, the client, envisions and wants. Add a little humor and it becomes excellence that's actually fun!  

What we do:  Senior pictures | Engagements | Weddings | Family | Corporate Industrial | Commercial | Custom Stock |  Head shots | Lifestyle  | Fashion | Corporate Events | Community Events | Concerts | Speakers

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The more in-depth and detailed version: 


Loving photography -  I have been shooting professionally for 10 years but it's been a passion for decades. I love being challenged technically like when shooting concerts - only 1 mn in the media pit to get the shot - on your mark, get set!  I also love surprising commercial clients with unexpected creativity. And then at family shoots or weddings, I love capturing moments that tell so much more than words ever could.  

Lines and angles - I am total geek. I am drawn to lines, balance, textures. I love finding new angles. You have to know the rules but once you do, it's fun breaking them and capturing something totally unexpected!

Excellence - I do not believe in doing anything halfway. I expect myself to do the best I can in preparation for, during and after a shoot. 

I love people and culture - I am fascinated by people, relationship. communication (verbal and non-verbal).  I love meeting people of various backgrounds and cultures.  I believe it is incredibly important for a photographer to not just have the right equipment and know how to use it, but I believe it is just as important to know how to effectively interact and engage people/clients. Being able to put someone at ease during a photo shoot is extremely important.

I love creativity - What photographer doesn't? I love light and finding creative ways to use it. I love finding creative angles. I love interesting landscapes and elements that contrast. Like using a couch in a field?

I have 10+ years experience - I have shot and been published all over the country, as well as in France. Most of the published work in print is corporate, commercial, lifestyle with a few CD covers and a few News stories, including coverage of a closed White House event with one of my pictures published on the cover a newspaper. If you are interested in seeing more of these, please email me with a request. Published on the web, I have custom stock, head shots, concert coverage, commercial, marketing published. I have shot over 100 weddings nationwide and the experience with those gives me incredible advantage in knowing what to expect, how to anticipate certain moments and knowing how to navigate all the variables that can happen at a wedding!

Final thoughts:

It has been a crazy journey that has brought me to where I am at now and I appreciate it all, believing that every aspect and every road I've traveled has helped me to develop a healthy appreciation for the human spirit, its individuality, its strength and its potential. Whether in a commercial environment or in a personal one, capturing it in frozen moments of time through photography is my passion!

I hope that the glimpses of a scene, a person, an interaction, a moment, even a product that I capture, inspires you.

Always an Honor....